Shareholder Freeze-Out and Squeeze-Out Litigation

When owners of businesses can't agree litigation is sometimes a necessary solution. Our experienced Chicago securities litigation attorneys have decades or experience prosecuting or defending clients in shareholder, LLC member of partnership disputes regarding businesses of varying sizes, including businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars with claims involving tens of millions of dollars.

Whether through litigation or mediation, we work with the business owners, forensic accountants, business valuators and certified fraud examiners to achieve a successful outcome. We have substantial experience working with outside experts to present the evidence in a manner that wins in the courtroom or forces a settlement that favors our client's financial interests.

Based in the Chicago area, our securities litigation lawyers have represented clients in complex shareholder, partnership and LCC membership disputes. On behalf our clients we have prosecuted or defended breach of fiduciary duty claims, shareholder, member or partner freeze-out or squeeze-out claims, stolen corporate opportunity claims, excessive compensation claims, and claims involving misappropriation of corporate, LLC or partnership assets and failure to pay dividends or distributions.

We handle shareholder, LLC Member and Partnership Litigation involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Minority Shareholder, LCC and Partnership Rights
  • Shareholder, LLC Member and Partner Disputes With Management
  • Conflicts of Interest and Self-Dealing
  • Excessive Management Compensation
  • Unfair Buy-Out Agreements
  • Failure to Pay Dividends or Distributions, or Adequate Dividends or Distributions
  • Corporate, LCC or Partnership Deadlock, Freeze-Out or Squeeze-Out Disputes
  • Shareholder, LCC Member or Partnership Appraisal Rights
  • Stolen Trade Secret Claims
  • Stolen Trade-Mark and Intellectual Property Claims
  • Stolen Corporate Opportunity Claims

We have prosecuted and defended shareholder or LLC member freeze out cases in a wide variety of business contexts. We spend considerable time going over all the business and accounting issues to develop a comprehensive strategy for prosecuting and defending the claims that arise in the case. Serving clients in Chicago and beyond, our securities litigation attorneys have acted as lead counsel in accounting actions including a complex dispute involving tens of millions of dollars in damages that was resolved through an extended multi-year trial where we worked closely with the accounting and damages experts to develop winning strategies. We also have a great deal of experience finding accounting irregularities with assistance of forensic accountants and then locating and interviewing witnesses to confirm those irregularities. We then present them to the court in plain and clear manner so that our client will have the best chance of succeeding. Having worked with many different accountants we have developed successful strategies for presenting the complex accounting and capital structure issues in a manner that portrays our client’s position in the best manner to the court. We offer free consultations to let business owners, shareholders or LLC members decide if we are the best attorneys to represent their interests in complex shareholder or LLC freeze out litigation. We take the time to learn about your business and the issues it faces and let you decide if we are the best qualified lawyers to represent you.

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