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The Largest Class Action Settlement of the Year was Attributed to Peter Lubin by Crain’s Chicago Business

NEXTLAW Referral Network Relationships and Results Matter Most to Us: Righting wrongs; fighting for justice, seeking compensation for transgressions, whether commercial or personal, are the causes we fight for at Lubin Austermuehle. For more than three decades, we’ve done our best to honor the relationships we’ve developed and the trust clients have placed in us to help them settle complex disputes. As experienced business lawyers and litigators, we help eliminate worries and decrease the emotional stress associated with issues that can impact financial well-being and the very survival of a business. The best way we can show our respect and appreciation for client trust and confidence, is by helping our clients emerge victorious in court proceedings or through a generous settlement. We achieve those results a lot.

Fighting to Right Wrongs: When, where and why do lawsuits arise in business or commercial law? As we’ve learned as Chicago Litigation Lawyers, there are an endless array of “wrongs” that individuals and businesses want to right. Justice is sought and so is just compensation. Fortunately, we are seasoned trial attorneys, fierce advocates and negotiators who have represented clients across the vast spectrum of litigation matters. What matters to us and our clients is hearing versus listening, diligence, close attention to detail and never-ending pursuit of the best, possible outcome. And that holds true whether we are serving individuals, small businesses or large corporations. We’re run the spectrum size-wise on lawsuits, and get just as invested in everyday disputes versus class action suits involving millions.

Real Law, Real Lives, Real Impacts on People

Business litigation is defined as business law, or commercial law that governs the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. That is the definition of litigation on paper, but we know when we’re fighting for a cause, real people are involved with very real impact on lives. So we fight aggressively, but conscientiously with a driving will to win, but not at all costs.

Maintaining ethics and morality are essential caveats to us and we are not advocates of pyrrhic victories. If the cost of winning in court is too steep, either financially or ethically, we recommend a settlement, but that’s not necessarily a “next best win.” Settlements can often be lucrative and emotionally satisfying and they can certainly make our fees affordable, which is important to us.

Disputes in Two Main Arenas

Typically, legal actions fall into two categories: protecting your rights during internal disputes, as well as legal conflicts with parties outside your business entity.

We Ease the Trials and Tribulations of Internal Disputes

The non-compete lawyers at Lubin Austermuehle, P.C. handle all types of internal disputes that may take shape during the course of a company’s formation, management, or dissolution. (Beginnings and endings are always tough.) When it comes to managing a family business, complications may arise that are perhaps unforeseeable. For instance, when spouses who co-own a company decide to divorce, the entity’s value as well as who retains ownership and managing responsibilities must be determined either through negotiations leading to an agreement or by a judge in court. These matters get tricky and often intense.

Internal conflicts may occur including questioning of duties of loyalty, care, disclosure, or confidentiality that an individual owes to another individual or business. Directors, executives, and owners may owe each other or the company these duties, depending on their relationships and roles within a business. Partners operating a business owe each other a duty of loyalty as well as to act in good faith and fair dealings. Additionally, board directors of corporations are prohibited from putting themselves in positions whereby their individual interests conflict with those of the company, and they may not use their status for personal gain. How many examples of that have we seen? If a breach occurs or is alleged to have occurred, the result is usually complex litigation.

Legal Conflicts with Parties Outside Your Business Often, protecting your company can be a matter of business survival. Many disputes result from a party’s alleged failure to uphold its obligations under an agreement. Breach of contract claims may be based on misinterpretations of a contract’s terms and conditions, issues concerning an offer or acceptance, or claims alleging fraud or coercion with regard to an agreement. With the many types of breach of contract suits, which can involve owners, vendors, or customers, come different forms of recovery. If a plaintiff proves that a contract has been breached, a defendant may be subject to enforcement of a contract’s term, cancelation of a contract, or other damages. Consequential damages may also be awarded. These are calculated in terms of losses to future business or harm to an entity’s reputation.

Leveraging Chicago’s Business Law Firm to Prevail in a Corporate Suit

When it comes to business and commercial disputes, our 35 years of experience is virtually unsurpassed, but the fact that we’ve fought and won the good fight before, doesn’t mean we rely on past winning strategies and arguments without in-depth investigation, examination and consideration of the facts. To us, every case is fresh, new, a challenge to be meticulously examined. When it comes to the law, precedents change, politics shift, new attacks must be always be devised.

But we do have and rely on no-fail resources and skills, including mastery of the evidence and our own unique abilities with examinations and cross examinations in the courtroom. Our track record speaks for itself (though we sometimes point out the details), including the scope of corporate cases we’ve handle. Among other matters, our firm handles shareholder, member, or partner freeze-out claims, stolen corporate opportunity cases, excessive compensation claims, UCC litigation, and trade defamation actions. We can also represent business owners and professionals in issues involving business operations, employment, real estate transactions, taxes, and matters regarding bankruptcy.

As you can note, if you’re counting, there are business litigation cases we can point to ad infinitum. What’s more important for our purposes and our client’s peace of mind is what you can count on if we are fortunate and honored enough to represent you in an important legal dispute.

What You can Count on From Lubin Austermuehle Zealous Advocacy, Insightful Strategies, a Will to Win

There’s an saying we embrace at Your Chicago Litigation Lawyers, “Nobody remembers who finished second except the person who finished second.” That hits home with how we proceed at Lubin Austermuehle. As noted, we don’t seek to win at all costs, but we do celebrate our client’s triumphs, which are much better than settling for second place.

A Reputation for Integrity and Success

We’re honored to have earned a reputation for honesty and success in the Chicagoland area and among our peers. Some distinctions we value include that fact that:

  • There’s no greater feeling than fighting a just cause and winning.
  • Peter Lubin earned the distinction of “Super Lawyer,” and Patrick Austermuehle was named a “rising star” by the prestigious rating service that includes peer nominations and evaluations.
  • Based on Peter Lubin’s commitment to the ideals of the legal profession, the DuPage Bar Legal Association awarded him the designation of the DuPage County Law Firm of the Year.
  • The Largest Class Action Settlement of the Year Was Attributed to Peter Lubin by Crain’s Chicago Business.
  • Our lawyers have acted as lead or co-lead counsel national or Illinois wide class actions. We’ve argued significant class action appeals to the state and federal appellate courts.
  • We've assisted owners, LLC members or shareholders in closely held companies to vindicate their rights, and in some instances obtain multi-million-dollar recoveries in fraud, shareholder oppression or breach of fiduciary duty claims.
Sharp Minds, Open Ears

Honed, analytic and sharp legal minds are fine, but an attorney’s greatest asset is his or her ears. As your Chicago Litigation Lawyers, we know that listening is not necessarily hearing. Hearing promotes a greater ability to assimilate understand and ultimately, empathize. How can a lawyer or firm expect to win a business dispute if every shred of evidence and data has not been devoured and digested? That begins with ears—perked up ears. not necessarily attractive ears, but highly functional and inestimably valuable.

Leverage Our Free Consultation

We happily offer a FREE CONSULTATION when you can come in and talk to us openly and tell us what’s going on and what kind of help would serve you best. With our experience, we’re frequently able to assess our ability to help you even with a limited introduction to the facts of the case and to you personally. Naturally, we seek to correct that.

Lubin Austermuehle has experience handling the following types of business litigation matters:

  • Shareholder owner, LLC member and partnership disputes
  • Shareholder and LLC member freeze outs and squeeze outs in closely held businesses
  • Stolen trade secrets
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Business fraud
  • Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Defense of businesses facing class action suits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Wrongful franchise, dealer and distributor terminations
  • Real estate and all other types of contract disputes
  • Shareholder oppression and business dissolution claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real-Estate fraud

In addition to business litigation, Lubin Austermuehle has successfully taken on cases in the following areas:

  • Consumer class action litigation
  • Consumer fraud
  • Auto-Fraud
  • Libel Defamation and Slander
  • Wrongful employment terminations
  • Civil rights violations
Reach Out for Business as Unusual

Though the content presented on this website, we hope you’ve gained a sense of the distinctions Lubin Austermuehle brings to the practice of trial law and litigation. With us, it’s not business as usual, it’s business as unusual in support of your cause. We hope you’ll consider our vast and varied business law and litigation experience, recognized accomplishments, client victories, zealous advocacy and ability to hear rather than simply listen, as reasons to reach out and contact us now. Call us at 833-305-4933 or via our website by clicking here. We look forward to speaking with you.

Client Reviews
"I was referred to Peter Lubin from someone in the car business to handle a law suit. From the moment I made the appointment Peter and his staff were outstanding. This wasn't an easy case, most lawyers had turned me down. However, Peter took the time to meet with me and review everything. He took on the case, and constantly communicated with me about updates and case information. We beat this non-compete agreement case in record time. I would use him again and recommend him to my closest family and friends. 5 stars is not enough to thank him for his service." Sebastian R.
"I worked on two occasions with Peter Lubin and his staff. They took their time with me and discussed each and every item in detail. The group makes you feel like you are part of the family and not just another hourly charge. I recommend Peter to anyone who asks me for a referral. If you are looking for a top notch attorney at a reasonable rate, look no further than Lubin Austermuehle." Kurt A.
"Excellent law firm. My case was a complicated arbitration dispute from another state. Was handled with utmost professionalism and decency. Mr. Peter Lubin was able to successfully resolve the case on my behalf and got me a very favorable settlement. Would recommend to anyone looking for a serious law firm. Great staff and great lawyers!" Albey L.
"I have known Peter Lubin for over 30 years. He has represented me on occasion with sound legal advice. He is a shrewd and tough negotiator leading to positive outcomes and averting prolonged legal hassles in court. He comes from a family with a legal pedigree and deep roots in Chicago's top legal community. You want him on your case. You need him on your opponents case. He won't stop fighting until he wins." Christopher G.
"Peter and his team helped us with an auto fraud case. They communicated well (timely and very responsive), investigated deeply, and negotiated a very good settlement. We were able to resolve our significant issue without a large burden and in a manner that allowed for us to come out ahead. I'd recommend Peter and his team strongly!" Johannes B.
"Peter was really nice and helpful when I came to him with an initial question about a non-compete. Would definitely reach out again, recommended to everyone." Johannes B.
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Our Clients Have Included
  • Experian
  • Motorola
  • Molex
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Aspen Marketing
  • Blue Chip International
  • Epsilon
  • Lexington Homes
  • J.R. Simplot Company
  • The Silverlining
  • CI Financial
  • Converged Systems
  • Sentry
  • Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Inc.
  • McDonald's Corporation
Companies We Have Brought Suit Against
  • Adelphia
  • AT&T
  • Daimler Chrysler
  • General Motors Company
  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • Toyota Motor Credit
  • US Bank
  • Groupon
  • Hollister
  • Hilton Hotels Corporation
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